September 11

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Project Management Software


If your after a discount, your at the right place as we are able to help you secure a 18% discount. Utilize our coupon code link below. is a project management platform that uses cloud-based technology to help project teams communicate and manage their workload efficiently.

Its most popular feature is the color-coded boards that show tasks that are completed, ongoing tasks, and specific areas where the project team could be stuck. Advanced users can easily organize their boards to show deadlines as well as dependencies between project activities. coupon code on yearly plans

Furthermore, the platform features a variety of different view layouts, which allow project managers to distribute project workloads equally between teammates. It is also good that all project communication can be accessed from a single place hence, preventing confusion. Coupon Code

We all know how hard it is to get such premium-quality project management services at a cheaper rate, right? Well, the good news if you use our promo code you will get a whopping 18% discount on any of your preferred yearly plans. Features

Fully functional boards – as earlier stated, provides users with boards for managing their projects. These are color-coded interfaces, which enable team leaders to visually arrange and track project tasks, those responsible for them, and their respective status. Since these can be labeled appropriately depending on their progress, this informs project managers of problematic areas that are giving their teams a hard time and is also important for telling whether the project is on track or not.

Communication pulses – since the board gives users a centralized type of management, communication also takes place within its context. A typical board contains rows that are referred to as “pulses” for sharing project files and comments. This communication portal allows teammates to either message everyone in the group or just flag specific people. Luckily, notifications for are very responsive on both desktop and mobile meaning that you will never miss any important update.

Invitation for other stakeholders – the platform allows users to invite other project stakeholders who can join in as guests, access specific boards only, and see the progress of the project.

Timeline view – this is one of the most popular view options in Just like Gantt charts, this view enables the project manager to track the progress of the assigned tasks as well as allow the responsible teams to use its drag-and-drop feature to extend task deadlines. Pricing Discount / Promo Code has four packages whose pricing is done per group starting from 5 individuals. The entry-level plan costs about $49 per month for up to 5 users while the one that supports up to 100 users requires payment of $799 per month. You will need to contact customer support for a customized quote especially if you are managing a bigger project team of more than 200 people.

In summary, simply comes with a ton of premium features that work well for most teams that are looking to beat tight deadlines and improve efficiency. Just remember that coupon code give you an 18% discount on any of your favorite yearly packages.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button above and watch your project management productivity skyrocket.


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