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Project Management Software

1  comments is an innovative project management platform that gives individuals and teams an efficient and transparent system to organize their project tasks. This review identified the tool allows project managers to customize project workflows and interact with its intuitive scheduling interface, is now one of the most popular project management systems in the market.

By now, you could be wondering about its functionality. How well does work? What are its shortcomings? Project Management Review

Well, this review explores some of the most critical aspects that you should consider before committing to using it. 

So, let’s find out if this project management software is perfect for your current and future projects.

Features identified in Review

Some of the benefits include the following:

Multiple view options

Right off the bat, comes with several view options for users to choose from and apply on their boards. Some of the most notable views include the Table view that comes by default and includes a spreadsheet layout, Calendar view that allows for date inputs, Map view for geolocation, and a Gantt-like view called Timeline.

Unique conversation panel

Just like most of its main competitors, interface also includes a chatting feature called conversation panel. This feature, however, comes with a small twist – it includes three different tabs with separate functionalities.

The main tab is for chatting and it supports back and forth conversations giving teammates the ability to quote and reply to specific threads, liking comments, and flag attention with the @ symbol.

The second Info Boxes tab allows project members to add notes and files among other document types while the last tab – activity log - allows all teammates to view track progress of different tasks.

Integrates seamlessly with other platforms

One of the top tiers features that most project managers often look for in a project management system is the ability to support integration to other platforms. When evaluating, we discovered that it not only supports integration to more than 35 other web applications but also allows for a smooth automation.

This means that you can easily integrate to any of your favorite and popular platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and even MailChimp and automatically play around with updates to your project. Imagine running multiple updates from a single sync command. Besides sounding cool, this feature saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise have used updating each platform separately.

Custom automation

Considering how busier the world has become today, the time has undoubtedly become the new oil and we are all looking for tools that can help us save some daylight. Well, is one of the popular tools that project managers from around the world are now relying on even for big projects.

The system comes with pre-set configurations that allow users to customize their automation to their likin in just a few clicks. Some of the common automation that you can quickly customize range from timed notifications to moving tasks across different boards. Whatever your project needs could be this automation will save both you and your team a lot of time. Pricing has four different plans i.e. Basic plan, Standard plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise plan. Unlike other project management platforms, pricing plans are unique depending on the number of allowable users that you might require with the entry-level plan supporting only 2 users and the high-end one giving access to 200+ users accounts.

Before we dive into the details of the priced plans, you should know that there is a trial free account. This plan allows users to test drive their services for two weeks and does not require any payment information.

Once the 14-days are over and you liked it, you will need to subscribe to your favorite plan to continue enjoying their services but if you did not like your experience you can walk away risk-free.

As earlier stated, plans are priced per group and not per individual like its competitors. With this kind of price model, you should expect to pay about $49 for a plan that supports a maximum of up to 5 user accounts for the Basic plan.

Besides creating your project manager’s account, it’s good to note that 4 other teammates in your project also have an opportunity to have their accounts with the entry-level plan.

Whichever your favorite pricing plan is, you will also get the option of either making a monthly payment or an annual one via credit card or PayPal. However, going for the yearly subscription earns you an 18% discount across all plans. Benefits

Upon creating an account with, you will need to set up your first project board. However, we suggest that you first configure the type of notifications you would get via email. Reason being that automatically checks out all notification types that can be annoying. To do this, just head out to your profile page and make the necessary changes in the settings tab.

Its sign up process is very straightforward and it gives you the option of inviting teammates. Once signed up, you will need to create your board. The good thing is that is completely customizable making it easier for newbies to get started faster.

To set up your board, you can either create one from scratch or just use one of their many customizable templates. This gives you a lot of flexibility and the chance of figuring out how the platform works.

Getting started is quite easy because the interface is very intuitive as well as responsive. Furthermore, you can simply use the drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange the board the way you like. However, being fully acquainted with the platform might take a while. Therefore, we suggest that you keep an open mind as you keep figuring the system out. Pros and Cons is suited for groups or teams that work on tasks with not a great deal of detail and you give your update in a standup. Here are a few of the pros and cons from the review for you to consider if it’s the right project management tool for you. Pros 

  • Interactive and intuitive user interface
  • Great visualization tools for projects
  • Seamless integrations to other platforms
  • Encourages transparency and accountability
  • Offers multiple templates Cons

Alternatives to Consider

If you prefer having gantt charts then you should consider GanttPro would like which also has a kanban board. We also have GanttPro coupon code of 50% off any plans. Screen Shots

Manage a content calendar

Content Calendar



knowledge base library

Knowledge Base Library

event planning

Event Planning


In our review we identified that even though most of its premium features are included in the higher tier plans. is a great project management system that comes with an intuitive user interface, supports integration to several third-party integrations and can support multiple user. It certainly helps manage and support the project planning phase from the beginning through to the closure of the project.


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