January 27

TeamGantt Review

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TeamGrantt is a very popular piece of software in project management space. Their website has a friendly user interface which makes it appealing and easy to search through it, so lets fet started with the TeamGantt Review.

As the name says, they provide you Gantt charts to use. If you ask any project manager, they will tell you that grant charts are extremely helpful to manage a project and visual in communicate the timelines of the project. They have been used for a long time, and are still updated for the today's requirements.

TeamGantt review

It may sound complicated to use a gantt chart, but,  they make the communication within a team to be more effective and efficient. Gantt charts are beginner friendly. As more you learn to use them, the easier they become.

Within this project management software, you can change the colors and formats to a gantt chart template. In this case, you keep your team engaged and entertained in following and processing their tasks. As a project planner, it's easy to follow the progress of your team-mates. The charts work as music files. The percentage it's shown in the color of the chart, along with the progress.

TeamGantt Benefits

The Internet is full of project management software. In this case, TeamGantt has some basic features just like others, but they improved it better.

Many software try to use gantt charting as a principle, but not all of them do it as easily. In our TeamGannt review we've listed out some of the features to streamlining the management of a project:

  • Team Collaboration. This is the most important factor when leading a project. When the communication within a team is efficient, the results will be great. TeamGantt comes in help to provide everything a team needs to have a good collaboration and work efficiently. In this case, every team worker will understand better the tasks he has to do. At the same time, he may see the progress of others and motivate himself to work much more. No one will be left behind, and the project will end successfully.
  • Project Creation and Task Management. TeamGantt allows you to create two or more projects and add them up in a single chart. It may be confusing at first because tasks will overlay. However, every individual can track their tasks, as the task groups are sequentially listed.
  • Templates/History Tracking. TeamGantt allows you to use a chart template that others made and saved as a template. Whenever you create a planner, it's better if you save it as a template. In this case, you can use your templates for future usage. Maybe at some point, you'll have a similar project and it will be much easier if you use the same template.

TeamGantt Pricing

As well as other project management software, TeamGantt offers three pricing categories.


Best for Small Projects




  • 3 people
  • 1 project
  • Free Forever
Advanced Teams

All the features of standard plus time tracking and hourly estimates




  • Pricing of Teams up to 5 users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free 14 day trial. No credit card.
  • Yearly Pricing

The Free Category fits for small projects. Unfortunately, you can create only one project, and add up to 3 team workers. However, it's much better than a free trial, as this category is free forever.

The Standard Team Category ( $39.50/month )fits for those who work in a non-organizational business. It's a good category for small and big teams, as you can add up more than five people. You can create as many projects as you need. The best part of this category is that allows you to use it for free for 14 days. In this case, you can take a decision whenever you like it or not.

The Advanced Team Category ( $62.25/month ) fits for project planners. This one has extra features included, such as time-tracking and hourly estimating.

All pricing displayed above are for a yearly commitment, there is a monthly option as well. For 51 users or more, they request you contact them for special pricing.

A great advantage that you could use from TeamGantt, it's that you can use it from any device. Either you are traveling with your job, or walking the dog, you can always check the tasks and the progress. TeamGantt works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

TeamGantt Videos

Alternatives to Consider

Other gantt products which are worth a consideration include GanttPro and here is a coupon code for you. If you prefer board approach then you can't go far wrong with Monday.com and here is a coupon to give it a go at a discount.

Supported Devices

Supported Devices




Android App

iPhone/iPad App


Our TeamGantt review identified that they only support English, however you are able to use Google Chrome's live translate feature to support many languages.


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