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GanttPRO Review

Project Management Software


What was GanttPRO created for? It is for people who want to simplify their workflows, to improve communication within teams, to set up collaboration and to deliver projects according to certain requirements. Now you can track all your projects with ease. In our GanttPro review we identified that you can share your gantt charts with customers, colleagues and make your presentations really remarkable.

GanttPRO is an online tool for creating gantt charts that helps to optimize the project management process. This service is available from your browser and lets you plan all the processes automatically, freeing your time up for inherent core tasks. 

GanttPRO review

From the early stage of conceptualization to the realization of projects and delivery, you become more efficient. Years of experience in the project management and top-notch expertise helped to create the platform that is in the class of its own. It is a unique integration of all necessary tools along with the perfect usability.

Pros of Using GanttPRO

With GanttPRO, you get a decent and decisive platform that simplifies the process of project management. With its pre-built project templates for:

  • Software development
  • Web design
  • Marketing
  • Product launch plan
  • Professional services
  • Construction
  • Event planning
  • Wedding templates
  • Retail
  • Learning roadmaps
GanttPRO review and templates

GanttPRO default templates and your saved templates

Now you and your colleagues will be able to meet deadlines for projects and easily exceed your customers’ expectations. A nice bonus is an interface that helps users to glean insights without covering a lot of ground. It is user-friendly and pretty intuitive.

One of the most efficient GanttPRO’s highlights is the visualization. It takes you a couple of minutes to understand the whole picture of your project. Track all changes, who and when there has been tasks created or closed, who wrote a comment, attached files or shared them. You can even manage roles for certain team members.

GanttPRO is useful to freelancers, as well as representatives of businesses in the IT, marketing or technology. Your life becomes much easier without chaos and the mess. Plan, track and manage your projects from remote locations worldwide. As with many remote teams who don share an office you can assign tasks, create groups and split them, organize schedules and achieve great results.

It is also a good opportunity for multiple teams. Create different workspaces with permissions if needed. Use automated scheduling to get rid of recurring tasks that are a pain in the butt.

What Issues Does GanttPRO Help With?

Imagine these situations:

  1. You’ve spent a lot of time for scheduling a project. Now you are going to manage a lot of tasks with dependencies. But oops! You drag one of them and the time project doesn’t change. You’ll never have to deal with such a problem using the auto-scheduling feature of GanttPRO. As soon as you make some amends, it will recalculate everything by default.
  2. You’ve scheduled all project plans, but there are no options to experiment with dates. Your regular software counts all working days without exception. We found while using GanttPRO to manage your working weeks and months, mark all vacations, holidays, day-offs, etc - as do many quality project management tools. This feature will help your team to work efficiently. 
  3. You are behind on your work with a challenging projects. Every single day you have to switch between them, using multiple tools. As a result, at the end of the day, you have got a lot on your plate. And that leads to mess not only in your head, but in your work routine as well. Use GanntPro to manage all the projects on one display and make it easy on yourself. 

GanttPro Pricing

As well as other project management software, TeamGantt offers three pricing categories.


For your personal needs




Team of 10

For growing companies




TEAM of 15+

For growing companies




There is also a 33% discount for any annual subscription. For Education, Nonprofit, Charity and Non-governmental will receive 50% off annual subscriptions. We also have a 50% off GranttPro coupon code for any plan.

The Individual and the Team options includes the ability to customize export to PDF, PNG and XLSX.

All of the Team options include:

  • Resources management
  • Team progress tracking
  • Ultimate history of changes
  • Working hours and project costs estimation

GanttPRO Videos

Supported Devices

Supported Devices




Android App

iPhone/iPad App


Our GanttPRO review identified that they only support English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian. However you are able to use Google Chrome's live translate feature to support many languages.


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